Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Nineteen

Sainte-Croix to Orbe

We started in sun, dry roads and no wind. The first 10K was all down hill. 1600 feet down hill! The view from the top looked like you see from an airplane.

Switch back after switch back, we pulled over at times to let the traffic pass and to admire the view.

All along the ride down in my mind I could hear James Brown singing "The Big Pay Back" and thinking how good it is that we did not have to climb it.

At the bottom the road became flat and open. Looking back gave us an idea of exactly what we had descended.

It was possibly the niceset day we have had our whole ride. Warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Long stretches of open road with almost no wind.
Beautiful views in a beautiful country setting. Something everyone should see.

We arived in town around 1:00, in time for lunch. Our bags had been delivered to the hotel, so we checked in, changed, and went out.
After a quick walk around town and a stop in the office of tourism for our passport stamp, we went next door for lunch.
Warm enough to sit outdoors we enjoyed the Plat de Jour of some roasted veal and desert. Full meal with desert for around 21 USD each. Price does not includ drinks or after dinner coffee.

This is a cute little town first setteled by the Romans in 160 AD and abandond in 270 AD. It was later setteled in 1233. It's main atract is a huge water drop that for years has been a flour mill. The town has one the oldest stone bridges in Switzland.

We took a walk around town and took a couple of photographs.

Industral steel roller flour mill


The old sign to the water powered Flour Mill.

Tomorrow is our last day of our ride. Checking in to the hotel will mean breaking down the tandem to come home. This has been a great trip.