Thursday, October 4, 2012


Our last full day here in Switzerland and our adventure. It seems like a year ago we set off from Canterbury and crossed the channel at Dover.

We spent the morning walking around town to get two bike boxes for the tandem's trip home. Lucky as we are, we did find one by phone at a small pro shop and with guidance from it's owner, another at a shop that seemed to sell everything. The owner there was grumpy, but it looked as if we had disturbed him from his lunch time beer. (I would be upset too!)

We returned to the hotel for Barb to have a well deserved snooze and for me to get the bike in the box.

Things went smoothly. The two boxes fit together well and there was more then enough tape to secure the two together. I love packing the bike and now after having done it in all types of places, the space in back of the hotel worked great. It rained for a bit, but a little rain never hurt.

The next step was to get our stamp for the pilgrim passports. We had been to the Tourist Office yesterday and got what looks like an address label, but were told that if we wanted the real thing, we must go to the cathedral around 5:00pm and there would be someone there.

We are right next door to the Metro. It's the end of the line so each time we get on here, it's empty. We headed up town for the stamp.
The Metro is quiet and nice. People are expected to pay to ride, but no one ever checks and there aren't any turnstiles like found in other big citys. It's the honor system and it seems to work fine.

Luasanne is such a beautiful city. They call it the Swiss San Francisco because of the hills. It's ten times San Fran in space and street level. Something to be seen to be belived. The photos do not do it justice. Really. we walked off the streets walked down two flights of stairs, crossed the building and looked down at the street, two stories down!

We got to the Cathedral and it was open, half the battle while traveling in Europe. We walked through the door to very loud pipe organ music playing, what a nice surprize.
The music made taking the photographs all the more fun. Another wonderful place with fantastic stained glass.

Thirsty from todays bike box hunt and getting the bicycle box ship shape, we headed off for a drink. We had a nice walk in the lite rain to the metro and back to the hotel for an early dinner.

Barb and I want to thank you for following our blog. This has been an incredable trip.
We both look forward to seeing you in person so we can share the stories and the photos that were too many and too long to print.

Plans to complete the road to Rome are in the making. The first leg would be starting here in Luasanne and heading over that mountain range you can see at the end of yesterdays post of the mountain and the boat.

We especially want to thank the readers that took the time to comment about the posts. It made writing fun knowing someone was reading and gave us something to look forward to at the end of the long days ride.

Hope to see you soon,

Scott and Barb


  1. hey scott and barb!
    thanks for having me along! makes me want to grab a bike and head on out with ya!

  2. Thanks for this Scott. All that riding, and I don't even feel tired!