Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another rainy day

Our day started wanting to get on the road as soon as possible. Funny, no matter how hard we have tried, we can't start before 10am.
We were set to go at 8:45 and it started raining harder then we have seen. Looking out from the 3rd floor at heavy rain is more impressive because the rain drops pass you before hitting the ground below. Different then just looking up.
Packed and ready to go, we decided to wait it out and see if things would let up a bit, they did.  The clouds broke and at times, the sun actually came out. Clouds like you see in paintings. Almost unreal.

After getting the bags downstairs for the transport to our next stop. We headed out on soaking wet streets.
Down hill for over 3 miles on a very heavily traveled auto road, the SS2, which is the old Roman rad, La Via Cassia.  Views of the dirt on the side of the road looked as is it would be hard going for the bicycle, so we stayed with La Via Cassia.

We came to the next big town, Viterbro, that was mentioned on the pilgrim route and made our way to the center of town. Checking the map at the central parking lot we located the tourist office for our Pilgrim Passport stamp and went off, pushing the bike to see the town.

The very old town has even an older Medieval Quarter that we followed the signs.  The buildings were older then the rest of the town and restored to a level of tourists expectations, ours anyway.

After a lunch of snails  and raviolis we headed back out on the auto road with a sky that looked as if it could start raining any moment, and it did.
Not a hard rain, but enough rain to get our shoes soaked and backs wet. The cool rain was nice compared to the extreme heat we have been useed to on this trip.
We also have been riding with a strong head wind for the past two days, never a problem for me. The wind is nice without having to be anywhere fast.
On route we came across another very old town, Capranica,  narrow cobbled stone streets, soaking wet, we walked.

Taking our time and lots of photographs, we made it to the other end of the little walled village. The road became smaller and smaller and turned to stairs leading out.

We met two Friendly Pilgrims from Stutgard, Germany that over the years had walked from home. A lot of Pilgrims we have met do sections at a time and over many years, finish the whole route. The couple we met had done many of the Pilgrimage routes.

Our days ride ended at a farm/ hotel, agritourism is big in Italy. Both sides of the long driveway are Hazelnut groves. Planted in long rows with irrigation line running from tree to tree. No Internet access.
I headed out for a hike and photo shoot before dinner and before the next big storm slower rolling in.

We finished our day with a great meal of pork cooked with rosemary and fennel, and mashed potatoes and a chat with a couple from Reading, England. They too were on the road to Rome, on foot, and we're expecting to be there in 3 days.

Tomorrow looks nice for our last day of Our 2year journey to Rome. We are looking to being in the city for a couple of days to see the sights, finish at the Pilgrim office and box the bike.

It has to be said that Italy is bathed in history. This town, Sutri,, where we spent the night, dates back to Etruscan times and even from La Via Cassia we could see the tombs carved out of this tuff that was volcanic ash that has become stone.  The ways of the world are a marvel. The Etruscans left no written records, but their art work is almost other wordly.   The tombs that they used were then used by Romans, Christians, and them storage for animal feed, so goes the cycle of civilization. It's such a gift to see it first hand.  


  1. I'm sorry you had to contend with rain, but the photos of the wet stone are stunning.

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