Thursday, October 3, 2013

The End

A full day off in Rome with only one thing to do, get our Pilgrim/ Via Francigena Certificate and the final stamp for our passport.
We headed out after breakfast, me with my mono pod as a cane and Barbara with her favorite red bag.

Tourists, for sure, only proper with the correct hats.

As a result of the broken rib, about 4 times an hour, my left side goes into lock up mode with spasm. It hits hard, and without helping myself, I grown out loud. Crowd clearing, it's uncontrollable. Like Torrettes Syndrome, it just happens.
If you have ever been to Rome, you know how many beggars you meet. If you have not, it would be hard to imagine. Yesterday we were met my a young girl dressed in rags, hunched over and shaking her cup. Just then, Muscle Spasm! She stood up straight and with eyes of "Wow!" walked away quickly. I suggest using a cane when in Rome.

Waking around St Peter's Square, we located the Pilgrim office. Much smaller then then in Santiago Compsetela, Spain, we got our stamp and Certificate and headed back onto the plazza.

A evening walk and dinner at an outdoor restaurant finished our day.
Tomorrow we need to locate bike boxes for the tandem and pack for the trip home.

This has been a spectacular trip of a lifetime! I'm not sure how we will top this on, but I'm sure we will!
My thanks to Barbara for making this all happen! Without her it would not be possible. What a wonderful life together we are having!

Thank you all for following our adventures. I hope you have enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them and seeing this beauty in person. Keep in touch and we will be on the road soon so you can follow us on another Barbara and Scott Adventure!


  1. Wow, congratulations on your achievement, Scott! It has been wonderful following your journey; thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Thank You for taking the time to comment on the posts. It reall meant a lot to us.