Friday, September 20, 2013


Our hardest ride to date, after all the trips and all the hills,up and down, Thursday was the hardest day we have ever had.
It started out climbing, all up hill, slow going and many rests, eight percent grade most of the morning.
We had packed a little snack sized lunch and water for the day, so our plan was to stop along the road, we were sure we would not find anything looking at the map for the day.

We found a nice spot in the shade with a spectacular view by a water spout coming out of the mountain. A local assured us it was fine to drink, so we filled our bottles.
After lunch we got back on route. This time the mark lead us off road. Loose sharp edged rock at a grade that required us to both push the bike, me behind the bars and Barb from behind the rack.
Super steep, more like a step, step, rest kind of movement. The rest of the afternoon remained the same. Too loose to ride both up and down, sure footing was always a consideration.

Our little lunch on top.

We came to a driveway and could see by the GPS that we were not far from a road. After about a mile of walking the bike, we got on the main road that would take us to our town for the night. 
Once on the road, we were back on the bike and still climbing.
We arrived at our evening stay around 6:00, late by our usual standards. The road to the B&B was on was all up hill too.

Shower and bed. We slept till dinner that we walked to with our final return home, up hill.

Final note: we drank 7 liters of water this day between us both.


  1. Sounds like a rough day! At least your photos look lovely. I'd have been fretting non-stop about the food/water situation, as well as the rough surface. I hope you kept your spirits up.

  2. With what seem like bitching about the trail, we love it and as our trip comes closer to Rome we are sadened with the idea that the adventure will come to a close and have us home before we know it. We are lready looking forward to our next trip.
    And,, rough roads make for gret stories.