Saturday, September 14, 2013


Our riding over the past couple of days has been mostly flat. Sandy and gravel, we have switched to the fatter tires for more control. The 28mm tires with all the weight of the bike and us was a little difficult on the sandy road. The fatter tires ski over the loose stuff and make the riding more fun.
We still are in the rice farming country. Rice paddys on both sides of the trail for most of the day. We see all white herons fishing in the irrigation trenches along side of the rice. The go to wing when we pass. It's always a sight. They about the size of seagulls but much slighter. Beautiful birds.
Lunch yesterday was along side of the trail at a great little restaurant. Right on the river, they served pilgrims, boaters, motorists and cyclists. Dining was mostly outdoors, but they had seating inside for a few. It was fun to see pilgrims pass as we ate Saturdays lunch.

Our riding is not all on dirt. The trail takes us through large city's along the way. It's sometimes hard to get back on track so we sometimes get on the road and follow the gps for sometimes as much as 15 miles to get to our destanation. As we get close, we then pick up the trail with signage along the way.
We are in good spirits. We are actually getting along most of the time. There was a moment yesterday when Barb thought it would be funny to put a tree worm down by back. Not funny. I had to explain why.
We are at a B&B now with the place to our selfs. It has a large kitchen and tons of space.
The weather over the past week has been perfect. 75-80 degrees, sunny and dry. We are expecting rain today later in the afternoon, so hope to be on the trail soon and get the ride finished before the first drop.
The IPad I'm now using will not allow photographs with this program. Barb found a "Blogger" app. That will, but it only takes 3 at a time and text is difficult.
We are looking forward to tonight's "Breaking Bad" and have been following if anybody was wondering.

I will now try to install photos.

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