Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Meal to Remember


Truly the best dining experience we have had for a very long time. The staff of Tre Cristi welcomed us and treated us like old friends. Attention to detail is their art and every detail we had the good fortune to enjoy today.

Our waiter was totally professional, informative and fun. He took the time to go over detail about our dinner and made choosing our wine a wonderful experence. his passion for his job and love for food and wine made us want to take him home. What a truly great person. We were honored to have him as our host.
When we told him that we had  our tandem from Switzerland and what we were doing, he wanted to hear all about it. We gave him our card with the blog address and it made his afternoon.

Shortly later, the owner ( I think, or should be) came out with a huge smile on his face. He had opened up the blog inside and wanted to thank us for being there. The staff pulled out all the stops and for the rest of the afternoon, we were treated like royalty!

Our local wine of choice.

Bread salad with fresh locally grown vegetable bits.

Two layered vegetable soufflé topped with bacon.

Veal steak in Saffron Sauce and the Swiss chard was from the owner's father's garden.

This was truly a fantastic dining experence. The staff were spectacular in every detail. If you are ever in Siena we strongly you make reservations and go. You will not be disappointed!


  1. You got into the wine cellar and kitchen...nice!

  2. Great Post
    and thanks you for sharing with us your amaizing experience
    best wishes :)))