Monday, September 23, 2013

What about Lucca

Love it or hate it, Lucca is one amazing town! Thousands of tourists. Perfect for bus loads. More then enough shops and spots to eat and more to see then you might ever expect!
Simply put, if you don't like tourists, I would skip this town, but if you don't mind dealing with everyone trying to get the perfect photograph and walking without looking, I'd say don't miss this one!

Our Sunday to Lucca started all up hill. Following the mark sent us up 600 feet in a beautiful narrow and smooth country road. We were passed by many groups of cyclists fully dressed in club clothing down to their socks.

We tooted along at our slow and steady, out for the whole day pace. Listening to jazz on our little handlebar mounted player. Only the women in the cycle groups seem to get it and smile while saying "Good Morning!" the men are too serious about cycling to think it should be this much fun. That's my guess anyway.

After climbing for about an hour, I noticed a gal up ahead stopped putting on a jacket. The next half hour was all down hill. Riding the drag brake, it was hard to stay below 30 mph through the many switch backs with an occasional view of the ocean below that we were coming closer to. We went from 675' to 37' in less than 30 minutes.
The finish of the down hill was in a round a bout with signs leading us on and one for the "Marina". We decided to go to the beach.
It took longer then expected to get to the water's edge. Following a roadside bicycle trail, fully shaded and smelling great, we reached the ocean after about one half hour.
A sleepy late summer day at the beach. Beautiful weather like this would have Ol' Cape Cod packed, but 80's may just not be hot enough for the locals here in Northern Italy.
Hundreds of clubs and restaurants, side by side for miles line the shore. Beautiful spots with shaded views of a huge beach with thousands of cabanas and umbrellas. Empty by what it look like it could hold with beach goers. We felt like we had come at the right time.
We found a nice spot and had a light lunch.
After, we headed down the beach in the direction of Lucca, following the GPS.
After a huge climb back up into the Tuscan hills, we arived in Lucca around 3:30. Getting onto the roadside bicycle path, we found ourselfs riding with a huge group of tourists. All ages at what we called our "hub on wheels pace". Only fitting because of the day of Boston's now famous ride.
We entered the city's walls and there were thousands out on the streets. We had not seen so many people in any town this trip!
My first impression was that we had just come to Disinyworld, Epcot center to be exact. I had never seen so many people taking pictures of everything and anything in my life. Yikes!
Forget about riding here. I don't know how the locals do it at this time of year, anyway.
Absolute beautiful buildings. Every turn of the head is another amazing view. Hundreds of stone arches an towers.

The old Lucca, walled in, has to be one of the most beautiful city's on earth. It's truly no wonder it is so popular.
We found our hotel and cleaned up for our evenings stroll to dinner.

Dinner came with our room, but the restaurant was on the other side of town. Restaurants are a must, which we had.
After dinner we walked around town untill we were totally lost. Rounding every corner was amazing! The crowds had left making it easier to move. Outdoor dining and small party's everywhere.
I never mind being lost, especially in such a wondrous place. Just in time for bed we rounded another corner and there was our room. Really! Like magic we came into the little plaza and across the view, we could see the window to our room
I will never forget Lucca. I'm not sure when the best time to visit would be, but most likely not on a Sunday in September!


  1. It truly is magical and most of those walking around and taking pictures, while we were there were Italians!!!! The weekend you were there was a huge holiday weekend for the Lucchesi...but who cares, the more the merrier when one is filled to over flowing with bonhomie - that happens a lot in Lucca.

  2. I was waiting to see your comment, I'm sorry we did not hook up.

  3. Half a day...I had been there for 8 days and I miss you by 12 hours!!!!! Seems like you fared just fine but I had a nice Fubbiano Rosso picked out.

  4. Let's save it for Bougoulais Nouvo Dinner and we can also share the photos from our trips!