Sunday, September 22, 2013


Our day started out actually finding our way out of town in the right direction and onto the trail. Straight up hill, but now wet and with thorns that would hook us as us passed.
The evening before, we were at dinner and saw a couple of fellows that were walking the trail. They told us that they had chosen to take the street rather then the trail because it was so rough.
We decided to take the street today.

Our ride was fast, mostly down hill in an area of heavy, high speed traffic. The drivers are use to cyclists so I never was worried about being hit. We have never seen so many cyclists as we have here in Italy. All types, everywhere!

Lunch in a beautiful shady outdoor cafe of local meats, cheese and fryed bread. Pasta and pesto shaped like little pizza slices topped with pesto as we know it, tomato with meat on another, and a Parmasan cheese mix on another. Different and nice!

We finished the day's ride in the bright sun, around 80 degrees, back on the auto road and to our town for the evening.

Lovely town, we had a bit of a problem locating our hotel, so we stopped to ask when I saw a bar/cafe that actually had beer other then Morriti.

Back to the center after a clean up at our hotel and a finish of the day at the local Pizzaria!

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  1. Hi. Looks like you have the blog up and running and it's fantastic!! Wonderful pictures and travelogue. Glad that you're having such a grand time. Take care Stay Safe.