Sunday, September 15, 2013

Out from the Plains and into the Hills

We reviewed the rest of route last night and it's about to get hillier. No complaints here, but thing should get interesting.
We missed yesterday's rain. We had arrived before our bags and waited in the plaza for a light lunch of beer and hot pressed ham and cheese sandwiches. As predicted it started pouring at five past one. We moved under the umbrellas, paid and went back to the hotel. It rained in buckets for about 3 hours.

We in a large city, Piacendria. Quite beautiful with exclusive shops of all types. All the winter fashions are out. We are close to Milan so the high fashion influence is seen everywhere.
We love this town. As we were waiting over lunch, there was a wedding just getting out. The bride and groom looked happy. I was surprised to see them drive off with their parents. Oh well!
The sky is criss crossed with what look like com trails. Sunny and dry, today looks like the perfect day for a tandem ride!

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