Wednesday, September 25, 2013

San Miniato

Our ride started out on the street for the first 2 hours, first city and then country. It got hillier the further we got from Lucca.
Lunch in a nice park, perfect weather, hot in the sun and cool in the shade.  Our weather has been the same for our whole trip except for the first day climbing into St Bernard's Pass.

After a lunch of cold pizza and ham and cheese sandwich (nice and oily) with sparkling water, we headed with the mark onto the dirt.

Rolling dirt roads of clay and gravel. The holes were filled with broken brick tiles and marble bits, sometimes silt and sand. Constant reading of the surface is important to keep the bike up.

We encountered our first section of real Roman Road surface today. Although we have been on the real thing time and time again, this section had been preserved by the locals with signage along the way. Mostly under cover from the sun, it was rougher then one might images, the real deal.

We reached our town on the street as most of the Via Francigena marked route is.  This time all up hill to our stay for the night. 

San Miniato is is a small hill top town. Mostly locals and very few tourists. 

We had dinner out at a very cool novo cuisine style restaurant. Decorated in what looked like the movie 2001, I knew we were going to have a good time when we heard "Dock on the Bay" followed by "Strawberry Fields Forever" playing on their sound system.

We loved this town. Fantastic views out every window, both a modern and old world charm feel, with elbow room.  The type of town everyone we know could love.

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