Saturday, September 21, 2013

Passo della Cisa, Aulla

Our day started by heading into town with a stop at the local market for lunch items and a tour around town.

Robert DeNaro

Back on the road, our ride started all down hill. We had descended for about a half hour when we realized that we were going the wrong way. 
We made it back to the town around noon.

The rest of the morning was climbing, over another great pass dividing the north from the south, our second in this trip, on a sunny and dry day. Just beautiful.

We stopped at a nice Pilgrim bar/cafe along the way. Great folks, happy to see Americans and especially our tandem. Many photos were taken.

We signed their book and were on our way to the top of the pass.

We reached the top around 1:00 and made a quick stop at the chapel at the top of the hill, by the side of the pass.

The rest of the afternoon was mostly down hill. Fantastic views all the way. 

We reached our hotel around 3:00. Enough time to do laundry and take a walk around town to see not much of anything besides a work a day world of what Barbara called " A Strategic Stop" on our road to Rome. 


  1. That final photo is unreal!

    How did you feel about having to ride up after descending for a half hour??!!!

  2. You legs burn for about the first minute or so but after then it's just a crank, I actually like it. I have made close friends ith our low gear this trip.