Thursday, September 5, 2013

We have arived.

Smooth flights, we arrived at the Hotel Du Marche at 4:00 pm. Just in time for lunch.
The tandem shipped well. The box had been opened by the TSA, but everything packed was still in the box.

I am having problems with getting onto the internet so our photos, that I have been taking, will have to wait for now.
The weather here is perfect. Blue shy and around 74 degrees. I have just finished the building the Tandem including replacing the rear dérailleur cable and housing. The whole process took one hour.
Our hotel is nice, away from things, but close enough to the old section of town with all the antique shops and historical sights.
The Cathedrale Lausanne is near by. It is the largest in Switzerland and quite beautiful. Built
in the 13th century, it's Gothic structure is massive and has all what one might expect for this beautiful part of the worl

We are fine and looking forward to our adventure on the bike and trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my computer.(kidding)
Check back later for updates, we wish you all were here!



  1. Un Prosecco in Lucca, perhaps!!!! Unless you are going so fast you can't stop.