Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Day Off the Bike

Its nice to have the day off, especially when it's in the Champagne capital of the world. You may ask yourself, "What would I do?" Most likely exactly what we did, a Champagne tour. We headed out to the Department of Tourism after breakfast, located a tour close by that still had room, and took a cab to get there on time.

Little name but OK to get the idea as to industral sized Champagne production is done.
They took us through the step by step of how great Champagne is made. Afterwards we were treated to 3 differnt styles.

Leaving the winery with a 3 glass of champagne buzz, we met a fellow, John Barrettm a walking Pilgrim on the Via Francigina. Happy to meet someone that knew exactly what he was doing that could speak Englishm we walked him to the Tourist office so he could find his hotel. John is fron Chicago and has lived there for 37 years. He is origanly from Cork in Ireland, He came to the US to study Surgery on trama paintents, Gun shot wounds and such in the big city with plans to return home. He never did move back, but retired here and the following time off walked the Apalicia Trail. Itwas then he discovered his love for a long walk and since has done the El Camino, q walk across both England and Ireland and now France.
We left him with plans of meeting again at seven oclock for dinner and a pint.

John is the only person we have seen so far doing this Pilgrimage. He said he thought he might had seen one other person.

We headed off for a lite lunch and afterwards split up so I could go back to the cathedral to take photos.

The Notra Dame Cathedral in Rimes is the most beautiful we have ever seen. It has thousands of figurs on the outside walls. Its hard to imagine. It is truley a high point of this trip and something everyone should see first hand. Here are some of the photographs I took.

Our 11th day is going to be rainy. We will see what that will bring.

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  1. great post, gotta love the "zero" day.

  2. Hope you thought of your Mother with all that champagne!