Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day Seven

Peronne to Saint Quentin

Our last day of our first week on the Via Francigena.
Nice short ride of 20 miles, long, slow climbs, long stretches of flat and downhills that have us coasting sometimes for as long as 10 minuets,

We got to our next town early, changed our cloths and went for a walk.

The town is lovely, everything you would ever want or need. There is a large plaza in the center of town with restraunts all around. Lots of things to see.
Our "Pilgrim Passports" have us walking around town looking for the stamp. The Office of Tourism is always a good place to start, if they're open, the Cathedral is another, if there is someone there.

Zaling throgh these hges churchs is one of my favorite parts of being in Europe. There is nothing really like it in the United Statesm except for mabye the National Cathedral.

Places hundreds of years old that took hundreds of ears to compleatm only to damaged by the French Revolution and the two world wars,

Like a walk back in time these places really give you the feling of old Europe more than anything. The smells, the lighting and the sounds. Lighting candles in memory of others is always something we take time to do.

We will be back on the road today after breakfast. Another adventure to the next town, Laon

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