Friday, September 28, 2012

Day Fifteen

Chalindrey to Gy

The best of the best today. Sunny, warm and no wind. The flat has turned into hills.
Great climbs and great views.

We woke to deep fog in deep France. There are not many Americans here. We headed out when the sun was breaking through. Wooded and wonderful.

Were starting to see large hills off in the distance. Not just little 500 footers but whats starting to look like mountains. More like New England and not Kansas.

We came across 3 bicycles today being used as planters for flowers and as decoration.
Looking closely, two looked like they could have been worth something in the colectors market.

Lovely Bicycle with a wicker baby seat! Dont you think all baby seats should be made out of wicker?

We had a fantastic lunch, the best so far. We keep saying that, but it may, this time be true. You know where to find the photographs,

By the way the girls say hello.

Hello from France

Along the road we came to a village with a laundry. We have only seen one other on this trip,
These were the places that news got spead and things were planed in towns like these for hundreds of years. We love this part of France that you would never, ever see in the United States. Check out the kneeler.

Most of today was on car free roads, The cars are allowed, but there was very little traffic.

We made it to the finish around 5:30. We may be the only people here in the hotel tonight.
Dinner downtown at a great pizza spot. The only pizza spot we have seen with table cloths. Nice!

The dry roads today made riding fun. Rain makes taking the camera out of the bag hard. I dont want to do it as much and spend most of the riding time, head down.
The wind isnt bad except for the noise. We can only hope for more days exactly like today.

We are looking forward to tomorrows ride that will be hiller then today.