Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photos of Great Food

This has been the best tour for food. Im telling you if they could put cheese in cheese and cover it with cheese and put it in a cheese sause,, oh I guess they have.

Here are some photos of the food we have been so lucky to have had.

Classic Fish and Chips in Canterbury

Tiny Mussles and Crispy Fries



Ficelle Picarde a la Tome Sause

Leek Tart

Chicken in Cheese Sauce

The French Fries here are amazing! They are dry to the touch. They pop when you bite into them with a cream like doneness thats out of this world!

Puff Pastry Pizza, Amuse Bouche

Daub Boeuf with noodles and Baked Beans in Cream with Bacon

Local Amber Ale

Stuffed Quail

Les Escalopes de Foie gras de Canard "Lasagne"

Rolled Tripe stuffed with Mushroom and Sausage, in Mustard Sauce

Pruneaux souffle

White anchovies with a rice salad


Arn't these cute?

Paris Brest Cake