Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day Seventeen

Besancon to Mouthier-Haute-Pierre

Sunday, We started out in the wrong direction and it was a good thing we did.
In the town of Besancon there is a clock and watch museum, that yesterday we wanted to go to but decided to go to the fort on the top of the hill. Today the admission to the collection of time pieces was free. We saw some of the oldest and nicest we have ever seen.

The museum also had old clock tower escapments on display on the top floor with an unfinshed cieling. The perfect room for these machines which are works of art.

On the road we got turned around again and found our selfs in a little village just in time for lunch. Eggs in a wine sauce with bacon. Its as good as it sounds and with the bun and coffee breakfast from the hotel, we were now ready to ride.

Some of the nicest riding yet. We are now in the mountains with real climbs.

You see signs like these all the time without thinking, but when france...

We had never seen so many fawns at one time.

It got darker later in the day and started raining. Climbing in the rain is heads down with the only thought in mind to just get it over and done with.
Today's climbs were now up around 2000 feet and fairly open. We were starting to see huge clifts and signs warning us of falling rock. Even though it was raining, we just had to stop to take a photo for you.

We arived at our hotel late, cold and wet. Happy to be there we went straight to the room and got ready for dinner.

This was our last full day in France. Leaving is always sad. Tomorrow's ride will be for the most part, all up hill. We will be crossing the French, Swiss border in the afternoon and hopefully be to our hotel before dark.

We can only hope for a dry day but look forward to being back on the bike again.


  1. great picture of the clouds and village/road.

  2. That's the one good thing about rain-- it makes the photos look so pretty.