Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Five

Our fith day started a little damp. warm but wet streets.
Our constant tail wind was with us all day making it easy to talk and enjoy our little music player mounted to my handle bars.

Along the road we were attracted to a large tower that was being worked on. Sand blasting and sparks flying from metal coming from huge scaffolding all around. It had been a former abbay that was destoryed during the French Revolution as all the abbays were. We found a cemetary with burried war heros,both French and British. very moving.Exploring the sleepy village, Saint Eloi, we came across a farm with pork and duck products for sale. Beautiful spot with huge barns that looked as if thery were over 200 years old. Riding to the end of the driveway. we were greated by a women in her late 40s with a huge smile.
A small jar of pork liver pate was purchased and placed on board the bike.
We road off to our next town on pavementm super tail wind and sunny.
Our days have been filled with riding through huge pasture areas. Some of the feilds look 100 acres or larger. Corn, Wheat, Sugar Beet, and Mustard. The smell of the Mustard is lovely. Soft and sweet like Anise. Cows, Pigs, Chickens and Ducks take up the rest of the space that isn't being used for moble "Frite" stands serving fries of all types. French Fries are everywhere. we even saw a sign for "Frites" on the side of a church, wait, that was in my dream last night, We pass through about 20 little villages a day, neat as a pin but no people.
We arrived in town for our overnight stay earlier then we expected. It was 12:30 and our room would not be ready for us until 3:00, time to kill.
We found a great little restrauant and feasted as if we were in France.

After lunch we walked the streets and bought a computer. That's right and the reason was we now have photos on the blog. If you have ever been to France you may have tried their keyboards,simply put, they're different, letters in different places. I found that you can change the keyboard to work like the ones at home but not the language. The keyboard changes, but not the keys, so, my hunt and pick style of typing has a whole new meaning. I told Barb that my computer is like a new French girlfriend, I don't know what the hell she is saying, but will someday figure it out.

We returned to the room so I could add photos to the blog. Barb went out to get her hair done. Nice.
Dinner was wonderful in a little underground spot in the Grand Place finished with a beautiful walk back to our room for the evening.


  1. great blog scott and barb!
    more photos and a map of your projected route would be cool.

  2. ya bud, i want to follow your progress. if you can name some towns as i like to find them on the map and imagine myself being there.
    hello to barb for me!