Monday, September 17, 2012

Day Four

What I thought was going to be 65km of off road, turned into 50 miles of wet road.
All and all, not a bad day. Like they say, a bad day on the bicycle is way better then a good day at work!
We started out in the rain. Warm enough for shorts, but rain. Heading out, we really were not sure of the right way to go. Funny, after about 45 minuets of riding around, when we did, in fact, find the right way, we were back where we started!
Rolling hills, climbs of about 30 minuets or so, low gear. We have been having trouble dropping into the small chain ring, it takes getting off the bike and selecting the low gear. In all we climbed over 6,000 feet today in long and short climbs. Every village we passed through we climbed out of only to descend into another village and climb out of that one.
After a few adjustments, things got a little better with shifting, but not much.
Our ride today took us through manny sleepy French villages. Maybe only a dog or chickens could be found. Everyone must have been at work.
Lunch consisted of a freshly made Pizza with cream sauce and chicken. We enjoied it, not in the rain, but on a dry bench across the street from the bakery.
The finish to today's ride was on the "big" road. High speed traffic, we found the hotel on foot around 5:00. Dinner was at 7:00. Delicious!

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