Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day Ten

Laon to Reims

Or toughest ride so far, 2,858 feet of climbing. Today the flat turned to hills and the corn fields turnd to vineyards. We are in Reims, the champagne capital of the world. All the big names are here, and as you should know, only champagne comes from the Champagne regions of France.

But that's jumping ahead, back to the start of the day.

The ride today started out cloudy and misty. Leaving the town of Laon was quite beautiful. The grey but bright sky lit the Notra Dame Cathedral perfectly. The contrast of building to sky without glare, a photographers dream.

Weekend morning trafic in Europe is lite. Our ride started out on the top of the hill we climbed last night. 500 foot desent in less then a mile and a half. We were soon back in the country side with flat and wide open spaces. Most all the fields are cut Wheat.

Shortly after these photos were taken, it got hilly. Long climbsm not so steepm but long. It has never been hot during our travels, so climbing isnt so bad. Our tail wind still remains on our backs.

We came across this famous fellow standing alone in a huge field

Napolion, Remembering the Battle of Craonne, March 7th 1814

We stopped for lunch in a road side Hotel.Restraunt for Stuffed Quailm See the Food post for the Photograph.

The rest of the days ride was on rolling hill. Long stretched out climbs with some views but never a real top that you could see for miles from.

Our desent into town had us rolling along a good sized cannal. We could see on the other side a bicycle trail that looked quite nice.
Our final turn into the city of Reimsm, the view of the Notra Dame Cathedral had us both say at the same time,, "WOW"

We are both lookng forward to a day off in the city of Reims tomorrow!

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