Friday, September 14, 2012

Heading Out

We have spent the last two days bopping around town, dealing with the traffic and learning the rules of the road. We have only been beeped at by 5 cars for doing the same wrong turn. One kind fellow thought it was important to pull up and explain why.
Our stay in Canterbury has been nice. A visit to the Canterbury Cathedral,

We just had to stop at this beautiful indoor farmers market.

We spent the better part of the day trying to get to Witstable on the shore. It was hard getting out of town, but after a while, we found the well marked "Crab and Winkle Trail" to its end.

Two fuzzy bikes at the Local Bike Shop

We have been told of three cyclist deaths here in Canterbury over the past two weeks and been asked to be carfull. It's easy to see that cars dont expect bicycles. Every driver seems to be in a race.
This is the first day of our journey. Canterbury to Dover. Our day will be a mix of on and off road travel. Well fed and packed for the day, our suit cases remain in the hallway for the transport company to take them to our next hotel. Nice!
As before we are unable to share photos because of IPad issues. Not having USB ports does not allow us to upload the many photographs we are taking of our trip. As soon as possiable I will go back and install shots from the past days.
Here we go!


  1. Scott,

    If you are going to Dover, just stop at your house and upload your photos from there.

    Do I have to think of EVERYTHING?!

    Stay SAFE!

  2. Internet problems control our modern life

  3. Scott's "Canterbury Tales"
    Who is the author, Chamberlain or Chaucer, you be the judge.