Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boxing the Bike

First things first, boxing the tandem is a little bit more of a ordeal then a single bike, but after a couple times, it becomes a routine.
Removing anything that can bend in shipping and tightening any screw afterwards so as not to loose anrthing. This is especially important with quill stem bolts. Having to spend a day looking for a bike shop to replace lost parts from improper boxing can be a problem. I always expect new scratchs on the frame when flying a bike, "Beauty Marks", from trips past. I would never ship anything that I didn't mind getting scratched.

Padding the axle ends with folded card board keeps them from poking through the box.

A roll of cardboard keeps dropouts straight and derailleur hangers in line. I never ship a bike with the wheels or rear derailleur on.

The frame and fork is now ready to place in the box. The right front crank and remain on with the pedal. Note the front fork turned in. The rear derailleur is connected with the chain and the gear cable still on. It is taped at the rear brake.

Crank sets and chain bagged and ready to go. Crank bolts and dust caps are in a smaller bad as well as the timing chain bundled together in this package.

The Carrier Rack loosely placed on top.

My final step is to toss in a roll of paper towels for the trip. You never know when you will need one next.

Boxed and ready for flight

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