Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day Sixteen

Gy to Besancon

We started our ride early today. The breakfast at the hotel was rolls and coffee. Not much. We figured we would get something down town before we headed out.
The "Casino miny market had yogurt and it worked great.
The ride started up hill. Up hill for about 5 miles, wooded, filtered sun and no wind.
The surface of the roads here are close to perfect. High speed down hills are safe.
Today being Saturday there are more people on the road doing Saturday chours and just getting out. We were passed by a Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica, I think just going to the dump. It was white and very beautiful.

Mountain like hills are starting to be seen on the horizan.

Beautiful views from the top of the hill climbs are always a pleasure

We reached the town were staying earlier then what was expected but spent about 35 minuets getting to the hotel with many round a bouts. Road construction had us at times in one lane paths with just enough room to be passed by cars.
This is a big city and the traffic is heavy. Barb calls out turns as they come up and we usally make it to where we wre going without problem
The part of the town we are in is known as "Old Town" Origanly Roman, Old town is on an island and a very large hill.
We checked into our hotel and changed in the bathroom because our room was not ready.
After we headed out for a great lunch.

We finished with lunch and got the bags to the room.

There is a huge double walled fort at the top of the hill in the center of the island.
Finished in the 1600s, The fort is a spectacular bit of history. Once housing 7000 solders, you can see for miles from on top of the forts walls.

Some of the most beautiful stained glass we have seen yet is across the street at the cathedral.

Dinner at eight and dont be late! Another fantastic meal. Go see the photos.

The walk back to the hotel was amazing, Building lit up, older then you think, The restraunt was built in the 1500s and this arch in the year 175 BC!

It came to mind tonight at dinner that except for crossing the English Channel, we had self powered us to that spot. Maybe it was the wine talking, but what a feeling being so far from the start with the end of the trip less then a week away. We are sure that given the time, most of the people we know could do such a trip and would enjoy it.
The feeling that unless we had followed this old road to Rome, we never would have ever found this town or even heard of it.

We look forward to the adventure of being back on the bike tomorrow and what it will bring.